Nowadays, videos are quickly developing as a needful communication tool. People simply love it. We began as an art collective, combining photography and motion pictures to music production. We currently produce various kinds of videos, from music video, to short movie, advertising and documentary. We rely on videography and audio/music experts, such as producers, graphic designers, photographers, videomakers, screenwriters, Djs, musicians and other artists. Since 2012, we have worked alongside many companies.


was a collective founded in Turin, Italy in 2012, formally become a studio during 2014. The aim is to combine music production and videography, through various kind of subjects and art-fields, in order to achieve the best result as possible and satisfy the client on the whole range of directions we are capable to take. Originally ideated by Carlo Mossetti, Jacopo Gallitto, Marco Ganora, Enrico Lombardo and Viola Gesmundo. Currently directed by Carlo Mossetti and Jacopo Gallitto; headquartered in Turin.
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Abarth / Renzo Piano-G124 /
Green Has Italia / Politecnico di Torino / Scuola Holden /
Greenback 2.0 / The World Bank / / Officine Creative /
Cecchi Point / /
Balon Mundial onlus / Biennale Democrazia 2015 /
Architettura in città 2014 / Re.Te. ong /
A.Titolo / Incanti Festival / Alberti Gioielli /
Bottega Baretti / R3 Architetti /
OperaeLab / Outcast Torino /
Movement Music Festival / Il cerchio e le gocce /
Nova Siria srl / Variante Bunker / Roundabout /
Scarselli Diamonds/ Miss Dado
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